About Us

Followers of Jesus Christ

Our Vision

Our purpose is to reach out to the lost and those who are thirsty for God’s truth with a message of hope that has been lost in today’s generation. God offers forgiveness, power and victory over sin to those who seek it through the cross and cleansing blood of His Son Jesus Christ. This is the good news message of salvation.

What We Believe

All Nations Christian Fellowship (ANCF) is a non-denominational church that believes in the complete authority and inerrancy of the Bible.

We believe in one God – the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit (the Trinity). All three persons existed from eternity. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, took on the form of man and fought and resisted all temptation while on the earth. He remained sinless and was crucified on the cross for the sins of all mankind, shedding His blood and rising from the dead on the third day to cleanse and forgive us our sins and justify us before His Father.

We believe all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and that the Holy Spirit has been given to us by the Father to convict the world of sin, to save the lost and to perfect those who believe.

The devil – a fallen angel from heaven – and his angels oppose the church and are destined for eternal judgement as are all men and women who reject the gift of salvation found solely through Jesus Christ.

We believe Jesus Christ is the only mediator between man and God and brings salvation to those who have faith in Him as Saviour and Lord. He calls all believers to pursue a perfect and blameless life on the earth and to be holy as He is holy.

The return of Jesus Christ is imminent and the church is called to be ready, expectant and watchful. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will return to put an end to all earthly kingdoms and establish a new heaven and a new earth in which all those saved will remain with Him in glory for eternity.