Poems for His Glory

Ancf   -  

May these poems encourage, edify and minister to your heart and soul as they lead you to the author of life – Jesus – and the Word of God, which is the infallible scriptures.


He truly is so beautiful
And grand in every way;
His desire is to heal us
So spiritual riches will remain.

He’s beautiful beyond comprehension
As His creation will testify,
With all shapes, designs and colours
That are magnificent to our eyes.

He is not responsible
For all self-induced behaviours,
And His desire is never for evil
But to draw us to our Savior.

Beautiful beyond words and deeds
Is His dear precious soul;
He’s our Creator and master designer
And too wonderful to behold!

Negativity and all things shallow
Do not exist in His vocabulary,
Because the deeper treasures remain in Him
When with a repentant heart we see.

His beauty extends throughout eternity
And His hand reaches out to us;
His mercy and compassion is endless
As He knows we’re merely dust.

But so precious in His eyes
And when we cry to Him he hears,
To deliver us from our pain
And our hardships throughout the years.

He is beautiful beyond description
And our soul it knows too well,
That His brilliance is eternal
Where eternal life it dwells.

His beauty extends forever
Because eternal He will be,
And may the eyes of our heart be opened
To see His grandeur and majesty.

Why risk It?

Why would we risk our eternal salvation
For the temporary praises of man?
When we’re ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ;
It’s too overwhelming to understand.

Why would we prefer the compliments
From all fair-weather of friends,
Rather than the eternal favour of Almighty God
With the assurance He so sends?

Why would we risk our eternal soul
For a crumb of momentary pleasure,
Rather than looking forward to God’s reward
And His everlasting treasure?

How could we risk something so profound
Knowing that God has created us,
And that all our dreams and hopes within
Will merely turn to dust?

It’s not worth risking our eternal soul
To be accepted in people’s eyes,
Because most times it’s insincere too
With motives in disguise.

People will always let us down,
It’s the fallen nature’s way,
But God is sincere and delivers us
As we cry out to Him and pray.

Let’s not risk our eternal soul
For the crumbs life has to offer,
And let’s repent for our ignorance
Or for being mockers and scoffers.
God is real and we’ll give account
And that day is drawing near,

Let’s examine ourselves if we’re in the faith
And whether our love and faith is sincere.

The truth be told

The reason Christianity is a threat
Is because it’s genuine and true,
And when something is real, timeless and sincere
It invites much opposition too.

Granted there are hypocrites
But they exist in every sphere,
And an account will need to be given
To God with reverent fear.

When Jesus Christ is blasphemed
It’s because the powers of darkness know,
That He’s the real, genuine and pure One
So much division they will sow.

Because no other religious leader
Claimed to be equal with the Heavenly Father,
And those wicked hosts in the high places
Know there simply is no other.

The powers of darkness and their hosts of hell
Will attempt everything to keep us blind,
To the pure, genuine and honest truth
So eternal life we do not find.

And be aware that Satan disguises himself
As an angel of light,
To seduce, confuse and manipulate
But we must resist and fight.

Jesus Christ is the authentic One
But He and His disciples were killed,
Because the voice of truth will try to be silenced
So Satan’s plan may be fulfilled.

But Jesus Christ has the victory;
Always has and always will,
Because His resurrection speaks aloud
When God’s mission was fulfilled.