Oh Foolish Theologian

Ancf   -  

Oh foolish theologian…dare I say, you know not what you aught? Have you considered there are thousands like you everywhere? Men of authority, of great intelligence and knowledge. Renowned men like you, brilliant in analytical skills and persuasive in arguments. Who defend the Law of God with mastery of the English language, yet eloquent in speech, they guard their pride and nourish the false assumptions they have of others, tearing at their conscience and spirit.

And yet you men of equal caliber argue one with another across many denominations and doctrines. Oh theologians…what makes any of you think you are better than the other, or somehow you have attained the truer knowledge? Does God favor you more so?

How did you judge in yourself that you’re right and they are wrong? What measurement did you use to conclude all men are heretics and your path is light? Was it through some deductive process of the word of God, or some closer examination or study of the text? Or is it simply some historical or cultural context that unveiled the passage aided by your brilliant research skills? Is this your definition of ‘revelation’? Here you say, “God shed light on the scriptures’ or even so boldly as to say ‘God spoke to you!’

How have you walked so far from the essence of Christian life and the power of holiness? You think God weighs the minds and examines your knowledge? You think he judges you based on how correct your theology was or is? Is Christian life some exam of one mans intelligence against another, or one is saved through some attainment of higher knowledge? Could it be that unless one is educated and well versed in the things of God, he has no fellowship with God?

How is it you applaud men of great intellect but ignore the broken in spirit? Deceiving yourself in thinking, it’s what you know, not what you live. Rather isn’t this what separates men apart, ‘the hearers and the doers’? Not the belief in certain doctrines but rather the experiential faith in the working power of the cross. For the devil himself believes all the truths of the nature of God and the things pertaining to his kingdom along with all your theology, yet he has a soul that is unrepentant and cares nothing for the things of God.

If a man walks humbly and peacefully with his God, loving his enemy, overcoming sin, gaining victory over every trial and temptation and has mastered the way of His master, do you dare to judge his theology? Don’t you know no man can come to the life of Jesus unless the Father draws him through the power of the Holy Spirit? Surely you cannot deny the testimony and work of a Living Faith leading men to the knowledge of Christ through obedience. Is this is not the work of God poured out upon those who care for nothing more than to be like Jesus?

It is the Living Word manifested in its power and glory, that no interpretation of scripture could reveal but only through love and a fear of God. It’s not handed down by some institution or creed but given by God Himself, to them that have a perfect love for Him. Is this not why the scriptures tell us, “…you need no man to teach you”? Remember, it is the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom and God reveals his mysteries to them that fear Him. Knowing well, knowledge produces pride and pride keeps one from the kingdom, we dare not to judge a Christian by theology, but by the fruit of righteousness and like Paul, we strive not having our own righteousness but the righteous which comes only through Christ, not a textbook.

Isn’t this what the Father has desired, that we are to come to the Son? Not to define him, analyse Him, dissect Him, admire him, or even applaud Him but rather to receive Him and know the power of His resurrection. For it is not sufficient to know about Him and His history but rather to know Him and His life today. And only through the living of the Living Word, by ‘turning the other cheeck…going the extra mile’, is to really know Him and experience Him now in this life.

To live Jesus is greater than all the knowledge of scripture and heavy laboured sermons. Live Him first and then confirm for yourself and for the safety of your soul, what you hold to be true is of God. It’s not perfect conduct or well-to-do manners He desires but a pure heart and an inner working of a Divine Love. A love for God and your enemies.

You question ‘perfection’ and the full working power of the Holy Spirit in the believer, yet you strive to perfect every other thing pertaining to the flesh, only that you may heap glory upon glory and strengthen your pride. Do you question it because it’s hard to believe? Is it not aligned with the very nature and character of faith, evidenced in the stories and events, which we read and in which we are called to believe? All things are possible to them that believe.

The truth is no man can master the knowledge of God unless he lives Him. No one knows his Father unless he has the Spirit of the Son. A complete obedience to the Father’s will. The complete surrender to the Father’s way. A full and unwavering submission to the Father’s word. Obedience to God, that can only come through Christ and in Christ and because of Christ. His endurance against temptation. His patience through trials and hardships. His love toward the vilest and worst of sinners. All these are only known and understood by those who choose to do the same. No knowledge is greater than this. It is not only in understanding but also in being conformed to His sufferings, in their own fight…against their own sin…in their own heart and in their own life. Only then does all the theology in Christendom fade to this… “I claim to know no other thing than Christ and Him crucified”.